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The professionalism and skill Silver Spoon US demonstrates in the custom cake industry dates to my solid experience within restaurants in Miami. With a focus on French and Italian cultures, I developed all the requirements to create high end and exceptional deserts from the kitchens of luxury restaurants such as Bellini at Mr. C, Marion, and el Tucan, to name a few.


Leaving the restaurant scene to pursue my own path, I was determined and fueled by the personal touch I want to produce with my clients and their special occasions. With a particular fascination in cakes, I expanded my knowledge by obtaining a multitude of cake-making certificates regarding fondant molding, frosting design, buttercream gradients, and color theory.


When it came to how my cakes tasted, countless hours of mixing and producing batches for my family and friends to try and critique allowed me to develop my own personal flavor that my clients took by storm when I eventually launched my business.


Through simply word of mouth and social media marketing, it didn’t take long for Silver Spoon US to become a community favorite. Each cake I produced only fueled me to grow my customer base and expand my business to all the different neighborhoods of Miami.


These cakes are don’t only stand out in themselves, but everyone is personalized to the likings of every single of client. Attracting the likes of even Miami Heat players and famous Latin pop artists, I understood that cakes are something evidently special and symbolize the love and care family and friends feel for each other. A bond that not a person can live without, and everyone deserves to experience.


I hope my story serves as a reminder to others that with determination and love for what you do, you can overcome any obstacles and achieve the impossible.

Hi! I'm Ana

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